description: LOCALITY: Near Skardu, Northern Areas, Pakistan 4" tall A lot of aquamarine crystals were removed from the vallies that surround Skardu in the northern areas of Pakistan and since aquamarine is one of the most widely appreciated collector gem crystals, a lot of fine quality Pakistani aquamarine crystals form part of collections all over the world. I have not collected mediocre aquamarine specimens. This one stands out for the following reasons: (1) All of the crystal faces are as lustrous as polished glass. (2) The color of the aquamarine crystal is pleasing. (3) Almost all of the aquamarine in this crystal is facet quality. (4) All of the edges and vertices on the crystal are pristine with the exception of the termination on the "bottom" of this crystal which appears to be rehealed. (5) Most importantly, the termination on the top of the crystal is pyramidal and truncated by a broad c face. The unusual morphology (crystal shape) of this aquamarine sets it apart. I have not seen this trait displayed on any other Pakistani aquamarine although it is not uncommon in aquamarine from at least two Brazilian localities. (6) Interest is added by the small crystal of orthoclase attached to the pyramidal termination. Small crystals of very pale pink fluorapatite are present on the orthoclase. To illustrate how highly I regard this specimen: (1) I bought it at the Tucson Show in 1998 from Jeff Fast of Connecticut. This was the first year I traveled to Tucson. I paid around $1600 for it. (2) I only sold it to Stuart Wilensky in late 2004 as a result of financial necessity. (3) When I noticed that the piece was offered for sale by Dan Weinrich via his website, I repurchased it in 2009 for around $6500.
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