Aquamarine - 2004
description: <p>LOCALITY: Shigar Valley, near Skardu, Northern Areas, Pakistan </p> <p><br />5 1/2" tall <br /><br />Ex collection of Daniel Trincillo <br /><br />This piece was bought from Daniel Trincillo at the Tucson Show, 2004. <br /><br />Daniel Trincillo named this piece as "The Shigar Queen." It is illustrated in "The Mineralogical Record" 50 Year Anniversary of the Tucson Show supplement. <br /><br />It is an upper level loose aquamarine crystal. It is desirable because it displays the following traits: <br /><br />(a) All of the side faces and the "top" termination of this crystal are as lustrous as polished glass. <br /><br />(b) Both ends of this crystal are terminated. The lesser termination is frosted and healed. <br /> <br />(c) The depth of color of this aquamarine crystal is pleasing. <br /> <br />(d) Most of this crystal is facet quality although there are some small internal veils. <br /><br />(e) The condition of most of the edges and vertices is pristine. The exception is a small region at the back of the glassier termination where a mica "book" is attached to and partly included inside the aquamarine crystal. <br /><br />(f) It is larger than an average sized Hunza Valley aquamarine single crystal with the same color, luster, general esthetics and overall quality.</p>
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