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description: LOCALITY: Shigar Valley, near Skardu, Northern Areas, Pakistan  5 1/2" tall Ex collection of Daniel Trincillo This piece was bought from Daniel Trincillo at the Tucson Show, 2004. Daniel Trincillo named this piece as "The Shigar Queen." It is illustrated in "The Mineralogical Record" 50 Year Anniversary of the Tucson Show supplement. It is an upper level loose aquamarine crystal. It is desirable because it displays the following traits: (a) All of the side faces and the "top" termination of this crystal are as lustrous as polished glass. (b) Both ends of this crystal are terminated. The lesser termination is frosted and healed. (c) The depth of color of this aquamarine crystal is pleasing. (d) Most of this crystal is facet quality although there are some small internal veils. (e) The condition of most of the edges and vertices is pristine. The exception is a small region at the back of the glassier termination where a mica "book" is attached to and partly included inside the aquamarine crystal. (f) It is larger than an average sized Hunza Valley aquamarine single crystal with the same color, luster, general esthetics and overall quality.
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