Tourmaline on orthoclase
description: LOCALITY: Himalaya Mine, Mesa Grande, San Diego County, California, USA 4" tall Ex collections of Irv Brown and William Severance. Both are advanced collectors. Irv Brown is also a long time San Diego resident who has long coveted fine gem crystals of southern California. This piece was bought from Robert Lavinsky after the Denver Show, 2009 during a visit to Robert Lavinsky's warehouse in Dallas, Texas. Since quartz is more resistant to chemical attack than feldspar, aesthetic and crystallized orthoclase is a rarer matrix for gem silicate crystals (including elbaite) than aesthetic and crystallized quartz. The orthoclase of this piece is also a Baveno twin. A picture of this piece was emailed to William Larson of Pala International in 2013. He mined the Himalaya Mine for elbaite crystals for over a decade. He remarked that he could not remember any matrix elbaite specimens of this style being found at the Himalaya Mine when he operated it. William Severance also viewed this picture on line. He emailed me to confirm that it had indeed once been part of his well known collection.
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