Agate slice
description: LOCALITY: Agate Creek, Queensland, Australia 1 1/2" across Although only small, this colorful agate slice displays intricate banding and the highest polish. In my view, is one of the nicest specimens of Australian agate that I have ever owned. The piece is from Agate Creek which is a relatively obscure agate field in far northern Queensland. This agate collectors' meca is around 250 km inland by road from Cairnes; the coastal provincial center (population c.100,000) of far northern Queensland. Cairnes is the gateway for most visitors to The Great Barrier Reef since Cairnes sports the fifth busiest airport in Australia. Cairnes is probably the only town of its size in Australia where a jumbo jet can be landed on the runway of the local airport. Since agate from Agate Creek can only be excavated with hand tools and since it is not possible to hire workers who will attend such a remote locality (let alone work hard there) unless considerable expense is incurred, it is unlikely that this locality will ever produce in any great quantity. This is to the pain of most modern agate collectors since this important agate locality produces the most varied agate in terms of colors, banding patterns and banding widths. In my view, agate from Agate Creek is every bit as fine as agate from the more famous locality of Laguna, Mexico. Agate Creek produces agate equally as pretty as some of the prettiest agates of Laguna. The later locality is more recognized since it is so close to a large bulk of mineral (and specialized agate collectors) in the United States. I bought this little jewel from Michael Newnham in 2011. Michael is a veteran Australian collector who owns a specialized subcollection of Agate Creek pieces that he has built over the past 30 years.
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