Pyromorphite on malachite
description: LOCALITY: Hunan Metals Corporation Lease, Rum Jungle, near Batchelor, Northern Territory, Australia 3" across This piece is one of the finest examples of this rare combination of mineral species. It consist of hundreds of small, highly lustrous, greenish-yellow, sharp crystals of pyromorphite on a matrix of deep green malachite. This combination is not found as eye visible specimens at any other mineral locality. Fewer than 500 of these combination specimens were mined during the dry season of 2010 from a small mining lease operated by Hunan Metals Corporation at Rum Jungle, near Batchelor in the Northern Territory of Australia. The lease is within walking distance of Brown's Deposit. This piece was almost sold to the Museum of Victoria, Melbourne in 2011 but the sale fell through for lack of funds. When Robert Sielecki told me that it remained unsold for this reason, I eagerly bought and settled immediately in cash. Prospects for production of more specimens is bleak since the pit where this piece was found is now flooded and the water cannot be pumped out economically.
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