description: LOCALITY: Agnew Mine, Western Australia (state), Australia (TUC) 3 5/8" across This piece was traded from Russell Behnke during a meeting in a New York city motel roomin early 2012. Unlike sprays of acicular crystals on matrix from Kentucky, Iowa, Wisconsin, New York and Missouri which are almost as fragile as dandelions, there is nothing fragile about this millerite specimen. It consist of a heavy aggregate of interlocking, acicular, bronze colored, metallic crystals. The metallic luster is clean and bright. The "top" surface is dark green and earthy but its presence gives this world class specimen of millerite its original patina. This piece is better than any of the specimens of millerite that have been preserved in the Australian museums. I have not seen a better specimen of Agnew Millerite anywhere and considering the size, rarity and durability of this piece, it would surely rank it as among the best of species. This piece has been out of the ground for many years before I acquired it. Importantly, it shows no hint of oxidation or any other form of instability whatsoever. Hence, instability of this piece is unlikely to ever be a problem.
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