description: LOCALITY: Sichuan province, China 4" tall Acquired from Stuart Wilensky in early 2012. This high level piece consist of jet black crystals of manganbabintonite clustered on a contrasting matrix of pale green, satin lustered prehnite. It is one of the best examples of the species: more than three orders of magnitude superior to the best specimens of babingtonite from Connecticut which were previously considered the best of species. Compare my pictured piece with the one illustrated in "The F John Barlow Mineral Collection". It was considered one of the top examples of babingtonite in existence prior to the discovery of the much much much much bigger, better, glossier and more esthetic Chinese babingtonite specimens. The former Barlow piece is still considered an American classic since it is among the best of the species from any American locality and many collectors in the United States in particularly focus on collecting minerals from the United States, from the east coast of the United States or by state.
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