description: LOCALITY: Goongewa Mine, near Broome, Western Australia (state), Australia 2 1/2" across The Goongewa and Cadjebut Mines are part of Australia's only known Mississippi Valley Type deposit. Goongewa produced mineral specimens during the early 1990's. It is probable that over 99% of what was in the ground was destroyed during the mining process. Most of the pieces that were salvaged were so small, insignificant, damaged or doctored with dilute aqueous hydrochloric acid solution that they were of no interest to me regardless of price. This is not so with this piece. This fine calcite specimen is in remarkably good condition although there are some cleavage faces on the back of the piece. This piece is also distinguished from the huge crowd of "also ran" pieces by the pale yellow phantom crystal in the center of the termination. The luster of the crystal faces is also remarkably high. Most calcite crystals from Western Australia are dull. With the thousands of calcite localities in the world, who wants dull calcite? I have seen many Western Australian calcite specimens that appear as if they are covered with dust but it is not just easily removed dust. It is worse. It is really grime that is ingrained into the crystal faces and there is absolutely no way that it can be removed.
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