Fluorite with calcite
description: LOCALITY: Xiang Huapu, Lanshan, Hunan Province, China 5" across Ex Professor Stephen Smale collection This piece was traded from Steve Smale during a visit to Hong Kong in November 2013. I wanted to hold this piece as soon as I first saw it despite the fact I have seen literally tons of green fluorite from Xiang Huapu over the years. I cannot recall having seen any calcite with fluorite combination specimens from Xiang Huapu - let alone any as esthetic as this one. The piece consist of pale-green, glassy lustered, gemmy, cubic fluorite crystals accented by small clusters of colorless, gemmy calcite crystal twins. Despite the fragile nature of the crystallized calcite, it is in perfect condition. A clean saw mark is present at the base of this piece.
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