Fluorite and quartz
description: LOCALITY: Huang Gang Mine, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China 7" across Ex Professor Stephen Smale collection This piece was acquired via a trade with Steve Smale during a visit to Hong Kong in November 2013. Fluorite is almost always colored. The color of fluorite typically arises from the presence of metallic trace element "impurities" within the fluorite crystal lattice. Colorless fluorite is rarer than colored fluorite. The few worldwide mineral localities that have historically produced colorless fluorite have produced only relatively small numbers of specimens. Dal'negorsk was the most prolific of these localities but even during the 1990's when the availability of optical fluorite from Dal'negorsk peaked, it was never really that common. In view of the rarity of fine specimens of colorless fluorite, the illustrated piece is an important one. It is a wonderful cluster of transparent, colorless, lustrous, interconnected fluorite crystals. They are modified octahedral crystals. Off white scepter quartz crystals partly include some of the fluorite crystals.
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