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American Minerals

I started my relationship with the American mineral specimen collecting and dealing community in 1989 when I was 17 years old. After acquiring the "Australia" edition of "The Mineralogical Record", I wrote to all of the advertisers in this well known publication. In 1989, I started to buy and trade for mineral specimens with Art Graeber and Cal Graeber. Other identities who I worked with via the mail between 1989 and 1998 included Robert Lavinsky, Brad van Scriver, James Gastineau, Stuart Wilensky, Peter Via, Irv Brown, Isaias Casanova, the late Dr Helen Holmes and several others.

I made my first visit to the United States in 1998. Between 1998 and 2012, I visited the United States 17 times and spent a total of 2 years of my life there while working with many of the well known identities who are acknowledged in the captions on this website. Since American collectors, dealers, curators, photographers and publishers have had a substantial impact on the development of my career as a collector, it is not surprising that I appreciate and love fine American mineral specimens. California, Colorado and Arizona are the most collected of American states but my love and appreciation of American mineral specimens is more expansive.

The American pieces that appear in this album are only the beginning of my sub-collection of fine quality American mineral specimens. I would like to grow this part of the collection. I am seeking old time American classics but also like more recently mined specimens from contemporary US localities. I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in the United States since 2013. I also welcome barter proposals and visitors from the United States who would like to see Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and all that it has to offer including my mineral collection. It may be the best kept secret in the southern hemisphere.


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