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The mineral species name for the berylium aluminium cyclosilicate that often forms prismic hexagonal crystals is "beryl".  "Aquamarine" is a gemmological term for blue beryl.  The color of aquamarine is attributable to a trace of ferrous cations.  All but one of the pieces in the beryl sub-collection are aquamarine.  The beryl sub-collection also included a fine Columbian emerald specimen.  "Emerald" is the gemmological term for green beryl.  The color of emerald is attributable to the presence of a trace of chromium in the beryl crystal lattice.  


COVER PIECE:  Aquamarine cluster with muscovite, northern areas, Pakistan. Acquired from Mohammed Sofi at the Tucson Show, 2010. This fine gem crystal group is accented by sharp, silvery, lustrous "books" of hexagonal muscovite crystals and may be the finest specimen of its type in existence.  

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