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Australian Classics

Aside from Broken Hill, New South Wales, fine quality mineral specimens from "old" Australian mining centers are poorly represented in the Webb mineral collection. I would definitely like to redress this deficiency.  Hence, even more than ever before, I am buying fine pieces from "The Golden Triangle" country of central Victoria, mines in the Cobar-Mount Hope-Girilambone district of New South Wales and the copper mines of Burra Burra, Moonta-Wallaroo-Kadina, Kapunda and Mount Gunson in South Australia. I will also buy any fine mineral specimen from the Mount Isa-Cloncurry and Chillagoe-Mungana mining districts in northern Queensland. These remote Queensland mineral fields have produced world class specimens of azurite, cuprite, native copper, chalcocite and many other species.


To offer me any fine quality Australian mineral specimens, feel free to phone or SMS my iPhone on 0414 990 210 (within Australia).  If you are outside Australia and would like to help me repatriate some fine Australian mineral specimens back to my country, then call me on +61 414 990 210. 


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