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Azurite, Milpillas, Mexico; 5" across

In late 2012, I bought as many fine Milpillas Mine specimens as I could afford to buy. At this time, azurite production was near its peak.  I am always interested in acquiring fine azurite specimens from any locality.  If you have any that you would like to sell or trade out of your collection, either email me at or SMS pictures to my iPhone6 at +61 414 990 210.


This piece is a 360 degree mineral specimen. In other words:  When this piece is viewed from the front, back, both sides and looking down, there is no damage.  This trait is rare in mineral specimens of this size.  This trait is rare in mineral specimens that measure only 3" across. Importantly the azurite crystals of this fine piece are not damaged at the matrix-crystal junction. Thousands of lesser quality azurite specimens are afflicted by this type of damage which is a major devaluing factor.  


Jeff Scovil Photo 

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