description: <p style="text-align: justify;">Why would I want to trade my wonderful, elite mineral specimen for a new car? The mineral specimen will appreciate in value. This is my relationship with over 99.9% of the mineral specimens that I have worked with. The new car will depreciate in value and with a huge devaluation as soon as it leaves the Lamborghini Showroom! <br /><br />Also, the sports car is mass produced. My elite mineral specimen is much much rarer and hence deserves to be of much higher value than the yellow Lamborghini. The azurite is part of "The Matthew Webb Mineral Collection" as a result of events that are so rare in the earth's crust that the mere occurrence of this piece is a hard rock pocket is a natural "aberrations". Millions of years after this mineral specimen was created, events that led to this piece being salvaged from a hard rock pocket in pristine condition were also aberrant. This is especially when something of this remarkable quality is salvaged from a modern mine in country afflicted by civil unrest. The chain of events from when Matthew Webb scouted this piece in late 2012 to when he received delivery of it in Melbourne was also aberrant. The delivery was made possible because two of Americas top private collectors and two of Australia's top private collectors all worked in harmony in making delivery a success. <br /><br />Of course, people who truly love mineral specimens do not merely cease cooperating with other collectors merely because of geography. Matthew Webb has demonstrated this from the formative stages of his collecting career that has it route in his teenage years.</p>

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