Descloizite, Berg Aukas, Namibia
description: 4 3/4" across I acquired this piece during one of my visits to Johannesburg, South Africa in late 2009 en route to Lubumbashi in Katanga province. Berg Aukas, Namibia is a mine in the Otavi mountain land (near Tsumeb, Namibia) that produced the world's finest specimens of descloizite. This is one of them. I am yet to see a better one and I consider my piece better than any that I have seen in the top collections of South Africa, the United States and Australia. It is definitely an elite descloizite specimen and some may say "the world's best." Again, I would love to at least see some photos of purportedly better specimens should I stand to be corrected. :) My piece consist of a crystal group which displays the highest luster. The crystals are translucent, razor sharp and are clustered in a sculptural way. This is especially so since there is desirable separation between the spear shaped crystals so it is easier to appreciate their shapes.
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