Fluorite on quartz, Yaoganxian Mine, Hunan, China
description: 4 1/2" across This high quality combination specimen from one of the world's greatest fluorite localities is distinguished by the following: (a) Both the quartz and the fluorite crystals are pristine. Since fluorite is such a soft and easily cleaved mineral species, pristine crystals of fluorite are relatively uncommon. (b) The color of the fluorite crystals is desirable and as seen on your computer monitor. (c) Both species display a high luster. (d) The composition of this piece is esthetically pleasing. It is a matrix specimen with a mica covered rock and quartz crystals which are in an esthetically pleasing proportion to the fluorite crystals. (e) Both the fluorite and quartz crystals are transparent and free of ugly veils and inclusions. The above traits contribute to this piece being an upper level fluorite specimen from one of the most famous of the world's hundreds of fluorite localities.
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