Fluorite, Judith Lynn Clm, Grant Co, NM, USA
description: 4" across Ex Robert Sielecki collection. I bought it from Rob at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Society Show in 2006. Most reasonably advanced collectors of fluorite or American minerals would be able to instantly "spit out" the name of the only worldwide mineral locality that would conjure such a distinctive specimen of fluorite. The Judith Lynn Claim, New Mexico is of course the premier locality for druses of "neon purple" octahedral crystals of fluorite on matrix. In addition to the purple octahedral crystals of fluorite, this piece also displays a few colorless cubic crystals. The rarest coloration for fluorite is colorless and despite the famous purple octahedral crystals from this locality being so much more desirable than the colorless cubic crystals from this locality, the latter are much rarer. Hence, the presence of the colorless cubes of fluorite on this piece make a substantial difference to the desirability of this specimen. This is particularly so for the seasoned appreciator of fluorite, New Mexican minerals, American minerals or beautiful minerals. that th add interest, this specimen also shows another generation of fluorite crystals. Robert Sielecki kept this piece as part of his personal collection for years after he bought it at a Tucson Show of the late 1980's. Robert told me that he was the first person at the show to reach the New Mexican fluorite room and of all of the pieces in the room, he selected this piece for his collection. He resold it to me at the Tucson Show in 2006. I have not seen a better one for sale although I know of one piece with crystals to 1" on edge.
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