Manganite, Iron Knob, South Australia (state)
description: 6 1/2" across This manganese oxide rich plate of rock displays two relatively large cavities on the "front" of the specimen. Both measure about 2" x 2" and are lined with lustrous crystals of manganite. There is also a smaller cavity present on the "back" of this piece which is also lined with manganite crystals. The world's best specimens of manganite definitely occur at Ilfeld in the Hartz Mountains of Germany. This specimen does not come close to even a mediocre quality antique German manganite specimen. To my knowledge, Iron Knob is the locality that has produced Australia's best specimens of manganite. This is the largest and best Iron Knob manganite specimen that I have personally encountered since 1989 although I admit that I have not seen all of the Iron Knob sub-collection that is part of the general collection of the South Australian Museum in Adelaide.
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