Page 110 of MR V 28, No 4
description: In the advertisement, my name appeared below Robert Lavinsky's name although I founded the video group with both him and Robert Sielecki. Although Tom Kapitany's name appeared in the advertisement, Robert Sielecki and I never wanted him in the group. Kapitany "barged" his way in. He threatened me. When he knew that I did not really want him involved, he coerced me and said "Don't fuck me around" in reference to his participation in the video group was concerned. In 1997, I was a pushover for the likes of Kapitany since I was just 25 years old, had little previous business experience and did not have family members with previous business experience. In contrast, Kapitany was older, had several years of business experience and had his career advanced by his two brothers who were the founders of the Paradisia company. Kapitany did everything he could to trash this project that I founded. I regard him with this utmost contempt for this and this is part of the reason why I will not spend a cent with him, recommend any clients to him or do anything for him whatsoever. He is also regarded with disdain all over Australia for his record of failure to pay suppliers, short changing of suppliers, intimidation of suppliers and wrongful attacks of credibility of business competitors.
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