Celestite included selenite
description: Contrary to the claim that appeared in "The Australian Mineralogist", this specimen was NOT an anglesite crystal included in selenite from Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia. It was in fact a specimen of celestite included selenite from Penfield Quarry in upstate New York. The locality is a road metal quarry that is near the southern shores of Lake Ontario. I bought this piece from Terry Enright of Melbourne during the mid 1990's. In 1994, I attended a meeting with Dr Bill Birch (curator) and Dermot Henry with this specimen. I wanted to trade it out for a high quality Broken Hill native copper specimen that was in the MOV collection but not on public display. I selected a native copper specimen that I liked from one of the drawers. Dermot Henry asked Bill Birch whether he would agree to this trade. Birch rejected my trade proposal which would have been extremely fair to MOV if the specimen really had been as purported as reported in "The Australian Mineralogist." Birch behaved as if he knew that the inclusion was not celestite. He may have also rejected my trade proposal simply because he did not like me personally. It is small wonder that in 2002, I donated part of my collection to "The South Australian Museum", Adelaide instead of "The Museum of Victoria", Melbourne despite the fact that I had to drive for around 850 km out of my way to donate specimens to SAM under "The Taxation Incentives For The Arts Scheme."
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