description: <p style="text-align: justify;">Blair Gartrell was a wealthy Western Australian farmer who was very well connected in the Western Australian Mining Industry. When he died in the early 1990's, he owned one of Australia's highest value mineral collections. He bought part of the collection of the late John Innes after his death. He was a Tsumeb mine manager who was also a keen mineral collector. Julius Zweibel bought the generally finer part of the Innes collection. <br /><br />I bought this piece from Dan Weinrich. The specimen found its way to the United States via either Blair Gartrell in the early 1990's or via Robert Sielecki post 1994. Blair travelled to the Tucson Show in the early 1990's to market his collection because he knew that he was dying of cancer. After Blair Gartrell died, Robert Sielecki worked with many of the pieces in the deceased estate collection.</p>

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