Bromium chlorargyrite with smithsonite
description: <p style="text-align: justify;">The microscopic crystals are from Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia. <br /><br />"Embolite" is an obsolete name for bromium chlorargyrite. Chlorargyrite is a rare mineral species. This is almost always true at the few mines where it has occurred. In contrast, bromium chlorargyrite was a COMMON SPECIES at Broken Hill during its early years of mining. It was mined as an ore mineral! <br /><br />Chlorargyrite (AgCl) and bromargyrite (AgBr) are both end members of a solid solution series. Both species are photosensitive. Bromium chlorargyrite translucent with a waxy lustre and is yellow or olive green. When this species is exposed to light, it becomes opaque and looses its lustre. Light affected bromium chlorargyrite it will rapidly darken to a violet-brown or a "murkier" shade of brown. Most bromium chlorargyrite specimens preserved in modern collections have been affected by light for many years. <br /><br />The bromium chlorargyrite pictured above is yellow probably because it has seen very little light after being excavated.</p>
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