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Fine Worldwide Fluorite (0.7)
Although fluorite (calcium fluoride) is a common mineral species, pristine fluorite specimens are relatively rare. This is hardly surprising since many advanced collectors only collect fine fluorite specimens and fluorite is normally a well represented species in the collections of most advanced collectors who do not specialize in any particular species. Fluorite is one of the most colorful mineral species. Fluorite crystals can be pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown or colorless. Fluorite crystals are most commonly cubic in shape. If corners of the cube are damaged, then the specimen is usually not suitable for an advanced mineral collection. Fluorite crystals are less commonly octahedral in shape. Fluorite also crystallizes into more complexly shaped crystals. The fluorite specimens presented in this album were acquired during my travels around China, The United States and Australia. Several of the jewels pictured in this album are of noble provenance. Several of these pieces have been part of the world renowned mineral collections of Professor Stephen Smale, James and Dawn Minette, Cal Graeber, Robert Sielecki, Evan Jones, Dick Morris and The California Institute of Technology. I am still seeking more pristine fluorite specimens from worldwide localities.

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