Fluorite on sphalerite
description: LOCALITY: Gibraltar Mine, Naica, Chihuahua, Mexico (TUC) 19" across (c 25 kg) Ex Evan Jones collection Evan Jones, Marcus Origlieri and Chris Wright visited Benny Fenn at his warehouse in New Mexico shortly after he received over 100 fine and large pieces from this important Mexican locality. The consensus between the three visitors to the warehouse was that this piece was the best of the lot. Since Evan was building a specialized Mexican collection at the time, he bought it. This was one of the last pieces in Evan's sub-collection of Mexican mineral specimens. It is probably the largest and best Naica fluorite from its era of mining in existence. The piece was photographed in the shade but glows sea foam green in sunlight. I generally avoid exposing this piece or any other fluorite to the sun.
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