Fluorite and arsenopyrite on magnetite
description: LOCALITY: Huang Gang Mine, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China 4" across Ex Professor Stephen Smale collection. This piece was acquired via a trade with Steve Smale during my visit to Hong Kong in November 2013. The piece consist of: (a) a colorless, gemmy, fluorite crystal of complex morphology with very very slightly frosted faces, (b) a spear-shaped group of lustrous lollingite crystals, (c) a matrix that consist of what appears to be crystalline magnetite. Both the fluorite crystal and lollingite crystal aggregate contrast with the matrix as a result of their different colors, lusters and morphology. The lollingite on this piece presents as a spear-shaped crystal group. When I first saw it, I wondered whether the lollingite may be a type of pseudomorph after another species.
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