Fluorite, Okaruso Mine, Namibia
description: I first bought this piece in late 1997 during my first visit to Namibia - which was part of my first trip outside Australia to buy fine mineral specimens. I bought the piece for N$380 from Mr Heinz Gottert of Windhoek. I sold the piece to Star van Scriver at the Tucson Show 1998 for US$1400. The piece then became part of the collection of the late Marion Stuart of Idaho. Marian Stuart died in 2000. Wayne Thompson bought the Stuart collection in a purchase funded by the late James Horner. Wayne sold this piece to Hans van Binsbergen of Pennsylvania. Hans resold this piece to me at the Tucson Show 2001. I paid US$2500 for it. I resold the piece out of financial necessity to George Holloway via a VHS video cassette in late 2005. While Mr Holloway owned the piece, it was photographed for this full color, full page illustration in the Fluorite edition of ExtraLapis magazine. George Holloway let go of this piece and it somehow ended up in the hands of Stuart Wilensky. I bought it for the third time from Stuart Wilensky at the Westward Look Show, Tucson in February 2006 for US$7500. In late 2013, I traded this piece out to Professor Stephen Smale. I hope that he trades it out to me one day. I would certainly like to reacquire it a forth time.
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