Hematite, Minas Gerais, Brazil
description: I read the letter written by the late David Prince to the Editor of "The Mineralogical Record." Shortly after reading the letter, I found his street address and wrote to him about his collection and the prospects of dealing with him. Mr Prince replied to my letter to inform me that he was not adding to the collection or selling it. In 1996, during a visit to Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, I made an appointment to visit Mr Prince at his home and to view his collection. It was contained in about six metal lockers and took several hours to view. Later in 1996, I expressed an interest in buying the collection. Since I did not have enough money to buy the collection independently, I invited Robert Sielecki of Melbourne to work with me on the purchase and resale of the Prince collection. Robert made two visits to Newcastle in 1996 to look at the collection, value it and to transport it back to Melbourne after our offer for the collection was accepted. In late 1996, Robert Sielecki worked closely with Tom Kapitany. Kapitany wanted to intrude on every mineral specimen deal that Robert was a party to so in order to ameliorate this as an issue, Robert and I made an agreement that neither of us would utter a word about the Prince collection or our dealings with it to anyone - and especially not Tom Kapitany. Since he is now widely regarded as the pariah of the Australian mineral specimen trade and since he went to a lot of effort to prevent me working effectively with other Australian collectors since the early 1990's, I am not certain that this was the right decision. After Robert and I had dealt with the Prince collection for about 12 months, we split the remainder of the collection between us. In the "split", Robert got the hematite rose. I am not sure where it is now.
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