Kunzite crystal
description: <p style="text-align: justify;">LOCALITY: Nuristan, Afghanistan <br /><br />13" long <br /><br />Despite its length, this crystal is a floater. It was never attached to any other crystals or rock in the hard rock pegmatite in which it grew. It is almost entirely facet quality. It is doubly terminated with sharp terminations. This important gem crystal was formerly in the collection of Herbert Obodda of Short Hills, New Jersey. He is a famous retired gem trader and mineral dealer who was one of the first Americans to export fine Afghan and Pakistani mineral specimens and facet rough into the United States. Mr Obodda sold his collection to Robert Lavinsky in 2011. I acquired it via a trade with Robert Lavinsky in January 2017. <br /><br />Importantly, the provenance is evidence that the luster of this important specimen has not been enhanced as a result of a very thin and possibly undetectable glossy, luster enhancing polymer being introduced to the surface. Such luster enhancement is presently so endemic in the mineral specimen trade that I will no longer buy mineral species that can become "luster enhanced" unless I understand the provenance of the specimen well enough to be 100% confident that the luster has not been enhancerd by polishing or by the "varnishing" referred to above. <br /><br />Photo supplied by Robert Lavinsky</p>
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