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Milpillas Azurite and Other Species

Azurite is definitely my favorite mineral species. I spent around 6 1/2 months buying, selling and bartering fine mineral specimens during two visits to America in 2012. Most of why I spent so much time in America in 2012 was because production of fine quality crystallized azurite specimens had seemed to be at a peak at about this time. When I was in America, I acquired as man y fine quality Milpillas azurite specimens as what I could afford to own. I spent most of the Summer of 2012 mainly living in motel rooms in Tucson and Phoenix. My motel room drawers were full of around US$1,000,000 worth (at retail) worth of fine mineral specimens that I had bought with me from Australia so I could have a wide variety of fine mineral specimens that would work well when included in trades to get fine MIlpillas azurite specimens. I did three multihundred thousand dollar trades with Evan Jones when he vistited me at what used to be The Inn Suites Motel on North Granada Avenue, Tucson and at The Howard John. This motel is part of the "main drug" to practically all mineral collectors and dealers who attend this show. During the Summer when Tucson maximum temperatures exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit for over 100 consecutive days, Tucson is not such such a popular tourist destination and the I was the one room mineral show that traded at this motel During the Summer, I could see that The Inn Suites Motel was really just a shit hole cheap motel in a Ghetto type of environment in an small area of Tucson that is afflicted by the highest homicide rate in Tucson. Tucson Police Department sources reveal that the part of Tucson that poses the higher homicide risk is the region north of the 1-10 Freeway and which includes the south end of North Oracle Road

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