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Minerals of the University of Arizona Collection

In late 2012, I spent a total of 93 days in the United States. During this memorable visit to the US, I spent around a week to 10 days photographing mineral specimens that appealed to me in the display collection of "The Flandrau Museum", University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona. All of the pictures presented in this album were taken behind glass. Hundreds of photos were taken during my visits to the Museum. In addition to all of the wonderful mineral specimens that I lusted after during my visits to the Museum, I liked many other things about "Flandrau Museum." As a visitor to the museum, I felt that it had a wonderful "community feeling" about it since accomplished private collectors including Dr Eugene Meieran, Professor Marcus Origlieri, William Larson, Les Presmyk had many of their pieces on display at the museum. In 2012, Mark Candee was on site and at short notice to show me around the Museum and to point out the finer points of some of the wonderful pieces in the collection. Importantly, Dr Eugene Meieran is the President of the Museum and Dr Robert Downs is the Curator of the Museum. Both are famous scientist and both also collect and love mineral specimens. These two gentlemen are not simply accountants who in my view, are given too much pride of place in the management of almost all publicly owned mineral collections in Australia.


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