description: LOCALITY: Sichuan Province, China 3" across This piece consist of a fine group of manganbabingtonite crystals.There is no evidence that any part of this specimen was ever attached to any matrix, pocket wall or other mineral crystals. Hence, it is a "floater." Although the luster of the piece is reasonably high, it could be improved even more if the piece was cleaned by a professional mineral specimen preparator. There is absolutely no doubt that the Chinese manganbabingtonite specimens of this era are the best of this species in existence. The specimen pictured is a fine piece from this contemporary classic locality that produces an analogue of babingtonite atleast 100 times better than what was produced at the locality that is now known as producing only the second best examples of the species. As a result of the discovery of this rare mineral in China, babingtonite from Connecticut is now merely the best that has been produced by an American locality.

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