Parahopeite ps hemimorphite, Broken Hill, Zambia
description: T 1 1/4" tall. Broken Hill, Zambia is the type locality for parahopeite. It is a zinc bearing phosphate species. In nature, the zinc cation and the phosphate anion rarely "collide" with each other and the only other locality that is rich in zinc bearing phosphates is Reaphook Hill in South Australia (also see scholzite on this website. Parahopeite has also been recorded at Reaphook Hill). The parahopeite in this piece has manifested as a rare pseudomorph after hemimorphite (a zinc bearing silicate that has been found to coexist with the zinc bearing phosphates). It is the only specimen of its type that I have personally seen. Since the piece has probably been out of the ground for decades and since it is also fragile, it is probable that few others have been preserved in collections. In view of these facts, this piece surely qualifies as a mineralogical oddity.
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