Bismuth, Queensland, Australia
description: 2 1/4" across LOCALITY: Wolfram Camp, near Mareeba, far northern Queensland, Australia. This heavy crystalline native mass of native bismuth displays many pseudo crystal faces. Since solid bismuth expands as it cools (most solids contract as they cool), at Wolfram Camp it not uncommonly occurred as casts that crystallized within hard rock cavities bound by quartz crystals. Most of the planer surfaces on this piece are in fact contact points between native bismuth and the fact of a quartz crystal. This piece is also highly lustrous (in fact, almost as lustrous as polished stainless steel) at several on the "back" of the piece (as seen in the photo). These appear to be natural crystal faces since the planer surfaces are smaller, more lustrous and are different in texture to the bulk of the specimen. It is of interest to note that Wolfram Camp was operating as of December 2013. However, senior management at the mine uphold an "anti mineral collecting policy" and my supplier told me that this is from "old production." I believe him.
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