Topaz on quartz, Pakistan
description: 10" tall. Acquired from Robert Lavinsky in late 2012. This piece is a spectacular matrix topaz. The topaz crystal is lustrous, gemmy and with a moderately deep color. It is desirable how the largest topaz crystal is centered on a well proportioned matrix of crystallized quartz, muscovite and feldspar. It is also desirable that the matrix is bright and clean in appearance rather than "rocky" or dirty looking. Most modern collectors of elite mineral specimens prefer their pieces to look clean, jewel-like and glassy. The refined desirable attributes of this piece make it a world class example of the species. Specimen production from the northern areas of Pakistan cannot be helped by dangers that most buyers perceive in traveling to Pakistan. One repair is present on this piece. It is at the join between the matrix and the largest topaz crystal. Repair on matrix topaz specimens is not uncommon since topaz displays perfect basal cleavage.
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