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Olmiite, Kuruman, South Africa; 2 1/4" ac

This is a fine quality representative olmiite specimen. Olmiite is a rare mineral species. It is a silicate of calcium and manganese. This species reached its ultimate development at The N'Chwaning II Mine, Kuruman, Northern Cape Province, South Africa. This locality is also the type locality for olmiite. Thousands of South African olmiite specimens briefly flooded the international mineral specimen market in around 2006 and around 95% of them did not possess the high quality level of this piece. Although olmiite is a rare mineral species, it was not rare in a small volume of rock mined at N'Chwaning II. Olmiite has also been recorded at Langban, Sweden. Olmiite was certainly not common at Langban and the author has never seen a Langban olmiite specimen for sale.

Matthew Webb Photo

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