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Pieces of Provenance

Pieces that appear in this album were owned by other well known mineral collectors before I acquired them including Joseph Freilich, Keith Proctor, Marshall Sussman, Cal Graeber, Robert Sielecki, Dr Ed David, Dr Steven Smale, Marc Weill, John Barlow, The Museum of Victoria in Melbourne, The South Australian Museum in Adelaide, The California Academy of Science, The Houston Museum of Natural Science, The Stockholm Natural History Museum, Frederick Escaut, Daniel Trincillo, Dr Steven Neely, Dr Gene Meieran, George Holloway, Karl Kampf, William Larson, John Saull, the late Norm and Roz Pellman, Irv Brown, James and Dawn Minette, Evan Jones, Dick Morris, Prosper Williams, Brian Shelton, Lloyd Tate, Gene LaBerge, Al Ordway, Dr Demetrius Pohl, Brian England, Paul Melville, Brad van Scriver, Dr Marcus Origlieri, Ron Young, Donald Olson, Clarence Bement and many others.    

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