Spessartine, nr Skardu, Pakistan
description: 1 3/4" ac, Ex Irv Brown collection. I obtained this in a trade from Irv during a visit to the United States in early 1999 and one of the "selling points" he emphasized was that this piece had been included in at least one of his competitive exhibit cases. He also said that he felt the matrix could be whitened even more with a concentrated solution of hydrochloric acid. What Irv thought of this piece was secondary to my liking for it. I find this piece desirable since the garnet crystals have a high luster, are intensely colored and symmetrical. The crystals are exposed enough from the rock so it is easy to appreciate their morphology. The rock and crystals also show a pleasing contrast in color and texture. The crystal to matrix ration is also pleasing. Hence, this Pakistani small miniature spessartine is ahead of thousands of other Pakistani small miniature garnets.
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