Tourmaline on feldspar, San Diego Co, CA, USA
description: The orthoclase crystal is 4" tall. Ex Irv Brown and William Severance collections; importantly, Irv Brown is an advanced collector/dealer who is a long time San Diego resident. He is well and truly familiar with the gem pegmatite collections of southern California. This piece is from the Himalaya Mine near Mesa Grande. I find it appealing because feldspars are a less common matrix for gem silicates than quartz since feldspars break down within gem pockets more readily than what quartz does. I recently sent a picture of this piece to William Larson of Pala International and he found the specimen characteristic to remark that he could not remember pieces of this "style" being mined when he worked the locality commercially for tourmaline specimens and gem rough. I traded this piece from Robert Lavinsky in late 2009 as a result of a visit to his Dallas warehouse after the Denver Show 2009. A William A.N. Severance label is on file with this piece.
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