Aquamarine, near Skardu, Pakistan.
description: 5 1/2" tall. Ex collection of Daniel Trincillo. He dubbed it "The Shigar Queen." Illustrated in "The Mineralogical Record" 50 Year Anniversary of the Tucson Show supplement as part of a picture of Trincillo's prize winning showcase of minerals. This is an upper level gem crystal. The quality is probably somewhere between upper level and "top". (1) All of the side faces and the "top" termination of this crystal are as lustrous as polished glass. The bottom of the crystal also appears to be terminated but is frosted and healed but importantly, not broken. There are no fractures on the "bottom" end of this piece that one would expect if it broke off a host rock during pocket excavation. (2) The color of the crystal is pleasing. It is a strong medium blue. (3) Most of this crystal is facet quality. There are some veils towards the "top" termination but they are small and do not detract significantly from the general esthetics of this piece. (4) The condition of most of the faces, edges and vertices are pristine with the exception of a small area around the top back of the "top" termination where a mica book is attached to and partly inside the crystal. The "bottom end" of this crystal is rehealed so is not pristine. (5) It is considerably larger than most single crystals. I bought this piece from Daniel Trincillo at the Tucson Show in 2004. It is a great loose crystal but would be even better if it was completely clear. I have only seen one other loose crystal of this size that was which was Daniel's "Shigar King."
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