Cavansite, Wagholi, India
description: 4" tall. Acquired from Stuart Wilensky in mid 2009. The piece consist of a "string" of cavansite balls on a contrasting white stilbite encrusted matrix. Although around 5000 specimens of cavansite are removed from the Wagholi quarries every year, most of them lack the memorable esthetics that this elite specimen possesses. In the long term, the rarity of cavansite can only increase since macroscopic specimens of cavansite are unlikely to ever be found outside Wagholi. This locality presented unique conditions for cavansite crystal growth and these unique conditions are unlikely to be emulated anywhere else in the world. Since cavansite is a calcium and vanadium bearing silicate, its genesis required vanadium cations. This metal is rare in basalts. If it had not been for the high prevalence of vugs in the basalts of the Wagholi road metal quarries, unimpeded crystal growth also would not have occurred. Cavansite is a mineral unique to Wagholi, India and its color is definately unique in the world of mineral collecting. I am even contemplating a stay in Mumbai for up to 2 months with the main aim being to acquire fine specimens of cavansite, green apophyllite, powellite and very rare but display quality zeolites.

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