Azurite & cerussite, BHP Mine, Broken Hill, NSW
description: 1 3/4" tall Ex collection of John Rawlings, Perth, Western Australia (state) This dark-blue azurite crystal displays neon-blue flashes in sunlight. It is somewhat more colorful than most azurite crystals from Broken Hill. The crystal faces of the azurite are as lustrous as polished glass. This is in contrast to most Broken Hill azurite specimens that are generally much more matte lustered. The azurite crystal is double terminated although part of one termination is mainly "buried" in the cerussite "matrix." There are some contact points on the reverse side of the azurite crystal where other mineral crystals contacted. This piece was probably mined before 1920 and probably passed through the hands of several owners over the past 100 years or so. In view of this, the condition of this piece is remarkable. Aside from contact points which involved one edge, all edges of this azurite crystal are pristine. Damage to the vertices is also minimal. Most of the vertices are pristine. The cerussite attached to this piece is characteristic of cerussite found at Broken Hill in terms of color, luster and habit. The habit of the azurite crystal is typical of old time azurite crystals from Broken Hill.
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