Matthew Webb Collection Pieces in Print

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I have collected mineral specimens since childhood and bought my first high quality mineral specimen in 1987 when I was 15 years old.  Since then, I have spent millions of dollars on my mineral collection.  I became a more active buyer from 2000 because this marked the beginning of my career as a business owner.  Some of the pieces in this album are still part of my collection and are marked with a star (*).  Most of the pieces in this album are no longer part of my collection.  I sold some of these pieces when I needed to buy other pieces. Alternatively, I bartered pieces out of my collection to barter in pieces that I preferred.  I regret few of my mineral deals but I can honestly say that I miss all of the pieces that I have either sold or traded out and would like to reacquire them.  I will either buy my ex pieces back or barter for them.


The pieces illustrated in this album have been featured in mineral magazines including "The Mineralogical Record", "ExtraLapis", "Le Regne Mineral", "Lapis" and "Rocks and Minerals". Books that pieces in this album have appeared in include "Minerals of Broken Hill" published by Australian Mining and Smelting Limited, "Minerals of Broken Hill" published by the Broken Hill city council, "American Mineral Treasures" published by Lithographie LLC, "The F John Barlow Mineral Collection" published by Sanco Publishing, Appleton, Wisconsin, the "Wilensky Fine Minerals" series published by Stuart Wilensky of New York, "An Illustrated Guide to Rocks and Minerals" by Michael O'Donoghue and published by Dragon World Publishing, "The Smale Collection - Beauty in Natural Crystals" published by Lithographie LLC and "Encyclopedia of Minerals - Edition 2" published by Roberts, Campbell and Rapp.  


Several of the pieces illustrated in this album were featured in the Sotheby's catalog for the auction of the Joseph Freilich Mineral collection in New York city in January 2001.  The specimen of malachite from Burra Burra, South Australia (state) was featured on the 1976 calender published by "The Waverley Gem Club of Victoria Incorporated."  The polished agate was published on a Viscount cigarette packet during the 1970's.


The publication record is impressive.  No other Australian mineral collector (living or deceased) has had more of his pieces or ex pieces published in the mineralogical literature.  My high publication score is despite no mineralogical literature of any consequence being published by any Australian publisher.  The high publication score is despite the fact that I have only been a full time mineral specimen collector since 2009.  The high publication score is despite the fact that I have only spent 2 years in America between early 1998 and late 2012.  I am yet to travel to Europe to buy and barter for fine mineral specimens.  If I lived in America, it would be easier for my pieces to become published because I would be more free to attend organised mineralogical events and to work with photographers and publishers.


I am still seeking to add more high quality PHOTOGRAPHED mineral specimens to my collection.  I will consider buying any fine quality mineral specimen that appears in mineralogical literature that is popular with collectors of esthetic mineral specimens.  I generally prefer to buy fine specimens that are featured in color photographs printed in hard cover books.


Published mineral specimens are more desirable to own.  They are generally worth at least 20% more than what they would otherwise be worth.  The extent to which publication alters the price of a mineral specimen depends on where the mineral specimen was published, how good the photo was, how large the photo was and the placement of the photo in the publication.  






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