Green acicular pyromorphite
description: A closeup of this piece was illustrated on page 154 of "Minerals of Broken Hill." At around the time of publication, this piece was part of the collection of the late Professor Howard Worner. He consigned it to Pam Bolger of Melbourne during the early 1990's. I bought it from Mrs Bolger for AU$600. The main reason why I paid so much money for it was because it was the first specimen that I owned that had been published in an important mineralogical publication. In the early 1990's, I traded this piece out to Milton Lavers during a visit to his home in Broken Hill, New South Wales. He then resold it to Ashleigh Watt of Adelaide, South Australia. The piece remains in the Watt collection. I may eventually reacquire this piece. It is interesting mainly for its provenance and historical value.
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