Quartz with hematite
description: <p style="text-align: justify;">LOCALITY: Huang Gang Mine Complex, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China <br /><br />4" Tall <br /><br />This fine cluster of quartz crystals resembles a trio of candle sticks. Although the hematite rosette is only small, it differentiates this Huang Gang quartz cluster from hundreds of others. <br /><br />I bought this piece from Carl Acosta of Las Angeles, California in early 2017. Carl is well known for his collection of fine Tsumeb mineral specimens. He also deals with fine quality worldwide mineral specimens and I have bought many pieces from Carl and resold them over the years. We first met in 1998 during my first road trip around the United States. We have dealt and been friends ever since. <br /><br />Photo by Jeff Scovil</p>

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