Raspite, Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia
description: The raspite crystal was formerly part of the Milton Lavers collection. Mr Lavers was a long time resident of Broken Hill, New South Wales. When it was part of the Lavers collection, it was glued onto a porous gossan matrix and the raspite crystal was freestanding on this matrix. The restoration was very amateurish since anyone familiar with Broken Hill raspite will know that it generally occurs on a matrix of silicified gossan and the raspite crystals are typically lying parallel to the matrix. Milton Lavers sold the restored raspite crystal to Nick Fiorenza of Melbourne in the late 1990's. Nick Fiorenza sold his collection to me in 2000. In early 2001, Robert Lavinsky and I removed the raspite crystal from its fake matrix. Robert then sold the crystal to Ralph Clark. I would like to reacquire this specimen. Although I do not normally collect thumbnails, I would collect this piece since it is an exceptionally large raspite crystal.
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