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Secondary Uranium Bearing Mineral Species

I like colorful secondary uranium bearing mineral species. Unfortunately, they are not well represented in my collection. I would like to buy or possibly trade for any colorful, esthetic mineral specimen that sports a secondary uranium bearing species. I am only seeking pieces that are miniature sized or larger with esthetic eye visible crystals - if discreet crystals are possible for the species. I would particularly like to acquire fine display specimens of Torbernite from the Musonoi Mine, near Kolwezi, DRC; novacekite from Brumado, Bahia, Brazil; saleeite from The Ranger Mine, near Jabiru, Northern Territory, Australia and Francevillite from Gabon. I would also like to acquire a fine specimen of becquelerite from Shinkolobwe. I wanted to visit Shinkolobwe in late 2009 during a visit to Lubumbashi. In 2009, it was not possible for me to visit Shinkolobwe because it had been declared a radiation hazard by the United Nations and cordoned off.


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