Aquamarine, near Skardu, Pakistan
description: T 2 3/8" tall. I regard this as an upper level Pakistani aquamarine small cabinet specimen for the following reasons: (1) All of the crystal faces are as lustrous as polished glass. The only exception to this is that the c-face of the termination is frosted. Since this is such a small face, the frosting makes no difference to the esthetics of this specimen. (2) The color of the aquamarine is pleasing although less strong than other Pakistani aquamarine specimens that are part of the collection. (3) All or almost all of the aquamarine in this specimen is facet quality. (4) All of the edges, faces and vertices of the aquamarine crystal are pristine. (5) The crystal is on a small amount of orthoclase so qualifies as a matrix specimen. This makes it much rarer and more valuable than a crystal that is loose (not on matrix). (6) The aquamarine crystal displays a "bullet shaped" termination. The termination is pyramidal with a broad c-face. Hence, the termination of this piece is rarer and more desirable than the more common prismatic termination.
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