Aquamarine, near Skardu, Pakistan
description: T 2 3/8" tall. Ex Jon Sigerman collection. This is an upper level Pakistani aquamarine small cabinet specimen for the following reasons: (1) The side faces and the prism face of the termination all display the luster of polished glass. (2) The color is a strong medium blue. (3) Almost all of this specimen is facet quality. (4) Only the "top" end of this specimen is terminated. Aside the the "bottom end" of this specimen, all of the faces, edges and vertices of this specimen are in pristine condition. (5) An unusual trait that this specimen displays is it in fact consist of two crystals where the taller crystal appears to be "wrapped around" the shorter crystal. This piece is more desirable since it is a group of crystals instead of just a single loose crystal. (6) The morphology (crystal shape) is also not typical as a result of the pyramidal faces of the termination.
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